Our Friend Kayle returns to Induna Safaris to Hunt Plains Game with friends and family

Kayle hunted with us in 2014 and has returned with his son in law, Ed and friend Brandon to Hunt Plains Game. Kayle’s wife and daughter will be joining us later in the week after a quick visit to Cape Town. The girls will be doing day tours with Denise, which includes, Sandboarding, a cheetah walk and a day at the Spa.

15 July 2016

The guys arrived late on Friday night, so it was straight to the lodge for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

16 July 2016

We headed out to the range to sight in the rifles; they would be using Induna Safaris firearms. The sighting in went swiftly and no adjustments would be required.
We headed out to see what we could find to put a stalk on.
Kayle was the first to harvest an animal, taking a Blue Wildebeest bull and what a great specimen it is.  Well done Kayle.
Brandon was next, making a great shot to claim a great Blesbok Ram.

17 July 2016

We headed over to one of our other properties today and Ed was the first to draw blood. It was Ed’s first time hunting and the nerves did get the better of him in the beginning but he ended up taking a great old Nyala Bull, well done Ed on getting your first African animal.
Late afternoon Brandon made a shot on a Kudu bull after a great stalk but unfortunately it was not a fatal shot so some tracking had to be done. The Kudu was eventually caught up with after a few miles of tracking and Brandon managed to get a shot of which connected with the Kudu as it was about to go over a hill. This was enough to anchor the bull and for Brandon to claim his Trophy Kudu Bull. Well done on some great tracking Brandon!

18 July 2016

Brandon made a great shot on a Nyala Bull in the morning to claim himself another great Trophy.
Whilst looking for a Gemsbuck for Ed we came across a really impressive Copper Springbuck and Kayle decided he would like to take it to complete his Grand Slam. Well done on completing your Grand Slam Kayle with a great specimen of a Copper Springbuck.
Whilst leaving the area a Gemsbuck was spotted and Ed was quick to get on the sticks to make a great shot to claim his Gemsbuck.
The afternoon was spent looking for Kudu for Ed, and yet again he made an excellent shot to claim his Kudu Bull. What a great Kudu it is and I think the African Hunting bug has bitten Ed! This was to be Ed’s last animal on the trip but I’m sure Ed will return to Hunt Plains Game again in the near future with us.

19 July 2016

After a great stalk on a cull Warthog, Kayle made a brilliant shot. Kayle was looking for a Trophy Warthog but due to the dry conditions none were seen but lots of young and female warthogs were spotted. Maybe next time Kayle!!
Brandon wanted a Zebra rug to take home so we were off in search of Zebra, they were found but they gave us the run around until Brandon made a great double lung shot to secure his Zebra rug. Well done Brandon.

It was great having the guy’s visit us on this short trip to Hunt Plains Game and we hope to see you all in the near future again. Take care.



We had a fantastic experience at Induna Safaris. The property is beautiful and the animals are plentiful. As a beginner level hunter, I was very grateful that Kelvin was such a patient and capable teacher. Both Kelvin and Denise are terrific hosts. The accommodations are very comfortable, the staff are very friendly, and the food is delicious. We can give Induna Safaris our highest recommendation.
Edward & Stefanie

We had a wonderful holiday at Induna Safaris. Denise took the “girls” sandboarding, cheetah walking, and to the spa while the men hunted. The food was delicious! The rooms were comfortable and the company was delightful. Great conversations by the fire. We are looking forward to coming back!
Kayle & Becky

What a great experience! Your hospitality and care was wonderful. The hunting was superb, and the food was out of this world! Mahalo for the memories!!