Jim from Idaho is Hunting African Plains Game with Induna Safaris.

04 September 2015

Today Jim Stanton arrived from Idaho, after arrival and some settling in in the lodge, we headed out to sight in the rifles.

05 September 2015

After an early breakfast we went to look for a Black Wildebeest, and to see what else is out and about. We saw several bulls and chose one, and then we put a stalk in while it was lying down, we got to 120 yards, and then waited for him to stand up. And when he got up Jim, took a precision shot, bagging an excellent Black Wildebeest trophy!!!

06 September 2015

Today we went to look for a Nyala Bull. We saw several bulls and just as we were leaving the area we spotted a nice Trophy with an ewe. We made a stalk to within 40 Yards and Jim made a brilliant one shot kill to get his Nyala Bull. The Bull only ended up running 30 yards before expiring. Well done Jim.

07 September 2015

Another successful day of hunting for Jim. Shortly after leaving camp Jim spotted a really nice Trophy Red Hartebeest and as it was on his wish list we decided to go after it. It gave us the slip and we had to drive to a high point to get a greater view to find where it had wondered off too. We did spot it and the stalk was on! We managed to get to 124 yards of the Red Hartebeest whilst it was bedded down and so the waiting game started. After an hour the Red Hartebeest stood up and presented Jim with a good shot, which he made to get his Red Hartebeest Trophy. Well done Jim!

08 September 2015

Unfortunately no luck with Hunting African Plains Game today. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

09 September 2015

Today was the day of the Black Springbuck! After looking at various rams, Jim managed to take a great Black Springbuck ram with a 120 yard shot. The start of Jim’s Springbuck grand slam.

10 September 2015

Today Jim managed to take a great Common Springbuck after a very surprising short walk. We left the vehicle and decided to walk over a koppie, and 120 yards away stood the ram and not much discussion was required before taking the ram. Well done Jim

11 September 2015

No luck in the field today.

12 September 2015

Another day of Hunting African Plains Game for Jim. Jim managed to take an outstanding Impala ram at 230 yards with a one shot kill. At least 2 or 3 hours was spent stalking the ram in the heat of the day to get into position. Well done Jim.

13 September 2015

Today Jim spent the morning at Daniell Cheetah Breeding viewing various cats and the afternoon doing a game drive around Addo Elephant Park, where Lions, Buffalo, Elephant and various other game was seen.

It was really great to spend so time with Jim and it’s nice to hunt with someone who has a real passion for Hunting African Plains Game.


My first African Safari. Glad I started here, lots of game, quality trophies. Relaxed atmosphere, great food. Lots of instruction on spotting game. Excellent stalks resulting in six animals taken at 40 yards to 250 yards. Nice weather most days. Fun side trips to Cat Park and Addo Elephant Park. Kelvin knows his property and knows his game! Shoot straight and you will get your game.
Jim Stanton