Jackson brothers Hunting Africa with Induna Safaris!

25 April
Rocky and his brother Lyle arrived today after a very long flight from Canada. We were all thrilled to see Rocky again for the 3rd year in a row, he has brought his brother with for some good hunting Africa!  After some drinks and muffins on the porch, we headed out to site in the rifles. Then had a relaxing evening at lodge, catching up with a good friend!

26 April
Spent most of today scouting out the bush to see what is out and about. We came across a very impressive Kudu, but he managed to elude us. So we headed home with no animals in the bag, but still had a great day being out in the nature. Rocky has come to get his Bushbuck, that escaped him last year, but he was not spotted today.

27 April
We headed out in the morning to see what was about. We were out looking for Kudu, we spotted a Blue Wildebeest with a brokenhorn and as Rocky was looking for a Blue Wildebeest, to use the cape, we decided to go for it. We put in a good stalk and then Rocky made an excellent shot at 60m, the Blue Wildebeest ran 400m and then he was down. Some great hunting Rocky. After lunch we headed out to see if we would see the elusive Bushbuck, and whilst glassing on a ridge we saw a Bushbuck, but infront of him was a brilliant specimen of a Nyala. So Lyle put in a good stalk, and dropped this beautiful animal at a distance of 230m. Great shot by Lyle, fantastic hunt on a really spectacular Nyala bull.

28 April
This morning we were looking for an Impala for Lyle, and then we saw a nice looking Waterbuck bull that we intended to go for, but then we saw a good Impala ram, that was standing 10m from the Waterbuck bull. So we began to stalk both animals to see which one to go for, then the Impala spotted us and as he came out from the bush, he stepped out and he was broad side, Lyle took another good shot at 80m away, the Impala was down. And what a nice looking Impala ram he managed to get. After lunch we headed back to see if we could find Rocky’s bushbuck. Then brilliantly we managed to spot a Bushbuck about a kilometre away. We headed in closer and then did a good stalk, where Rocky managed to get really close and take an excellent shot at about 40m. Wow – what an amazing animal, Rocky’s Bushbuck fever has been cured! After patiently waiting for over a year, he was truly rewarded with a perfect trophy ram. Well done Rocky we are so happy for you!

29 April
We put in some stalks in the morning and afternoon, but we did not get to pull any triggers. We still had a great day, we came across some Waterbuck fighting and managed to get really close to some Impala and enjoyed spending some time watching them.

30 April
Lyle got his kudu today! We spotted him at about 4 o’ clock this afternoon.We did a short stalk and waited for them to get into position as they were feeding and heading our way. Then Lyle took a shot at about 150m, we ended up following the Kudu Bull for a short distance, where Lyle managed to finish him off nicely. What a great kudu for Lyle!

1 May
This morning we went out and spotted another great Kudu, we put in a stalk and got within 180m and then he stood behind a bush and he just disappeared, living up to his name “the grey ghost”.  We went to look for what else was around and came across a couple of Nyala bulls, with one in particular being a spectacular bull, Lyle decided that he could not resist and he wanted to take this bull. We put in a short stalk and Lyle took an excellent shot. Lyle is going to have two great Nyala bull trophies on his wall back home. Well done Lyle, another great day of hunting again.

2 May
We had a great day out in the bush, some good stalks were put in and we saw a large variety of game, with some good trophies, but the grey ghost eluded us once again. But still a great day was had by all.

3 May
An excellent common Reedbuck was shot by Rocky, after a full day of stalking and waiting for this ram to get into place. A good shot was taken while quartering away, at a distance of 150m. Another great trophy to add to Rocky’s unbelievable collection of animals shot at Induna Safaris.

4 May
A large part of the morning was spent looking for a Duiker for Rocky, when a very large Kudu bull stepped out infront of us, that caught Lyle’s eye. We got within 25m, he got wind and then ran away. So we continued waiting for Duiker. We walked through a valley and up the hill on the other side and came across the same Kudu bull again! We got within 60m, where Lyle took a perfect frontal shot, and the Kudu ran about 40m and dropped. Another great trophy for Lyle!

5 May
Duiker was on the cards again today. We headed out early morning, and after some walking over hills and through the bush we spotted one. Rocky took an excellent shot to bag himself a fantastic 5 inch Duiker ram!

6 May
Rocky and Lyle headed home today. What a great hunt we have had with the Jackson brothers! Rocky as always was a pleasure to hunt with, Rocky and Lyle were fantastic and I had many laughs with the brothers! Looking forward to hunting again next year with Rocky and Lyle.



Comments –
Lyle Jackson – Great hunts, great meals and I have some new friends. What more could you ask for. Good luck guys, for the rest of the year. Hope to see you next Spring.
Rocky Jackson – As always had a great hunt with Kelvin and Denise. Time went to fast as always. Wish you all the best. Also great to see Donovan and Erna.