28 August 2015

Jack Boshoven, the one half of the Jack Daniels team, arrived today from Maryland for his second African Plains Game Hunting Safari, we are thrilled to have Jack back for another visit. This time round he is doing some combination hunt of trophies and management animals.

After his arrival we sighted in the rifles and then we decided to take a quick drive to Addo Elephant National Park, to do some game viewing, as this seems like the nicest day in the forecast for game viewing. We had a great time, and saw about 50 elephants, and a very impressive Buffalo bull.

29 August 2015

Today we headed out to see if we get a Blue Wildebeest trophy for Jack. After a ¬†while we came across a small group of Blue Wildebeest standing together, so we drove past them, got out and walked around to stalk them and get in close. The group decided to lie down, which had us waiting for about 2 hours, when they stood up Jack took an excellent shot at the largest Bull, the shot was taken about 50m! Great start to Jack’s second African Hunting Safari.
After lunch we headed out to do some Management Plains Game Hunting, Jack had a good stalk and made an excellent shot on an Impala Ewe.

30 August 2015

Well today was a wet day, but we still headed out to see what we could see, and Jack managed to shoot a management warthog, despite the wet weather.

31 August 2015

Another wet and rainy day, actually worse than yesterday. But luckily Jack managed to shoot a nice Duiker ram. We were parked on a hill, where we saw two Duiker rams, and the larger one was displaying dominance, by chasing the smaller one away. We then stalked in, and then we called a couple of times with a duiker whistle, where Jack ( from the famous team Jack Daniels) shot him at 40 yards. It is a beautiful Duiker Trophy.

After lunch we scouted around in the rain, and then when the sun came out, Jack managed to shoot a common Springbuck, that was running with the Copper Springbuck herd, and that needed to be removed.

1 September 2015

Another great day of Management Plains Game Hunting for Jack. Even with the wet weather Jack managed to take a Waterbuck cow and Impala ewe in the morning. In the afternoon Jack managed to take an Impala ewe with some great stalking and then took a shot at last light on another Impala ewe but we will have to resume the search in the morning due to faiding light.


Just like my last visit you and Denise provided me with a great time. I really enjoyed Addo Elephant Park. The hunting was second to none. I ate too much. A little Neats Foot Oil and my boots should recover from the wet too.

Thanks again and I cannot wait to return.