In August 2010 Induna Safaris were very privilieged to have Billy Graham (82) and Peter Berry (12) on a hunt with us.  The oldest and youngest hunters that Induna Hunting Safaris has had to date. They both came over together from Northern Ireland, and had a fantastic hunt.

We very much enjoyed the time we spent with the whole group, that came out to hunt with us. We were extemely impressed with the maturity and skill with which Peter shot. They were on a group of 8 people and Pete being the youngest, he managed to honestly out shoot everyone. He shot a kudu,an Impala, a common Springbuck, and a Blue Wildebeest. He did not wound any animals, and some of the game he harvested were big, tough plains game and he took it in his stride. He seemed to have had a wonderful time, and we really enjoyed his enthuisiasm for hunting and life and his friendly smile was much loved.

Billy Graham came out all the way from Ireland, and went hunting everyday. He is as fit as fiddle as he was able to keep up with all the other hunters, and do some very strenous walking through the bush. Billy shot himself a wonderful Impala trophy and a great Common Springbuck trophy. He was a lot of fun to have on the hunt with us, and kept us entertained around the dinner table at night. We were really honoured to have him here at Induna Safaris with us, and trust that he had a good time.

We would like to thank, Greg Berry for bringing his two boys, Pete and Adam, who were just fantastic shots, and really wonderful two boys. Also we extend our thanks to Steve Fowler for coming along with his sons, Ricky and Chris, who too were brilliant hunters, and two great guys. A big thank you to Billy for hunting with us, we really enjoyed having you. And lastly a great appreciation to Paddy for coming out to hunt with us and for arrangng the whole trip. We look forward to seeing you all again for a hunt soon!