Steve Johnston from Arizona has joined us again for some more Plains Game Hunting and to do some South African Bushpig Hunting. We are always glad to have our good friend back for a hunt, and this is his second hunt here with us this year.

09 November 2013

We went out for a slow morning of Plains Game Hunting. After zeroing in the rifles. We spotted some Impalas were Steve managed to take two management Impala’s after some good stalking.

We then headed back for a early dinner before going to the blind to get a Bushpig, that Steve and I have been following for over a year! After sitting in the hide for a couple of hours, waiting for the South African Bushpigs Hunting to begin. A group of about 10 Bushpigs came in. We were so excited when we saw the large Bushpig that we were waiting for came in. We had nicknamed him one eye – as obviously he only has one eye!

So Steve quickly got the rifle ready, and took an excellent, deafening shot at old one eye, which dropped him in his tracks. But he was a tough old guy, and Steve had to take another shot at him after he tried charging at us! It was a very exciting hunt, and so well worth the wait, and the many hours of sitting in the blinds, on previous occasions.

Well done Steve!

9-14th November 2013

Sadly we have to say good bye to Steve again until next year! He did some great management hunting, shooting 5 Impala, 2 Blue Wildebeest, 2 White Springbuck and 2 Black Springbuck. Another great time spent with Steve, and some really good hunts and stalk.

Thanks Steve, see you next year!