We had a wonderful time with the honeymoon couple, Jason and Janelle Jagodich from Canada. They did a 6 week tour of Africa and ended their trip with a brilliant Hunting Safari at Induna Safaris.

Both Jason and Janelle are avid hunters back home in Canada, and we were able to enjoy their keen bush sense and the love of the outdoors. The temperatures were fairly warm, and they seemed to really feel it being from Canada, but did not let that hamper their hunt in anyway. They were determined to spend as much time as possible out in the bush.

Jason shot an outstanding Kudu bull, that was wounded on the first day. Unfortunately we ran out of light so had to call it a day, after a few hours of tracking. We then spent a long evening around the fire, trying to reassure Jason that his Kudu would turn up. First thing the next morning all the staff jumped in and started the search, and within less than an hour of following the spoor, the Kudu was found about 500 metres from where we had stopped the previouse evening. Everybody was thrilled, especially Jason.

He then went for a Cape Springbuck, which had them on the move for a large part of the day. Eventually after a long afternoon of stalking and enjoying the day in the bush, Jason shot himself a  really nice Springbuck ram.

We really enjoyed their company and are very grateful that Jason and Janelle decided to share such a special holiday with us, and we are just glad that their honeymoon ended on such a high note. We will definetly stay in touch with them, as we have made some wonderful new friends.
Thank you Jason and Janelle – we hope to see you again soon.

Guestbook Comment:
To Kelvin, Denise, Kyan & Sharka. We spent 6 weeks travelling from Ethiopia to Cape town and the best days of our journey were spent at Induna. Great guides, great hunting, great food, great people. Our Kudu & Springbuck were magnificent. We hope you will visit us in Canada! All the best Jay & Janelle