19 October 2012

Induna Safaris welcomed Charles and Patti Herf to a very wet Eastern Cape. Luckily despite the rain, they managed to get here safely and on time. After the arrival, the Herf’s unpacked and settled in.

20th October 2012

Due to severe rain, everybody remained indoors and the day was spent sitting around the indoor fire , solving the world’s problem, and sharing hunting stories.

21 October 2012

After lunch, Kelvin and Charles were able to finally make their way to the shooting range to site in Charles guns, and to go out in the afternoon and have a look around. They came across a number of Kudu, Waterbuck and plenty Impala. They also spotted a nice Blesbuck ram that Charles was quite keen to take but it was just too far away.

22 October 2012

This morning they made their way out- despite the still quite wet weather, and went to look for a Black Wildebeest or a White Springbuck. After a while Charles managed to put in a stalk on an excellent White Springbuck trophy. He took an outstanding shot with his rifle and bagged a really beautiful White Springbuck ram to add to his collection. Charles has brought a hand gun with him in a 280 GNR and we decided to use it on another White Springbuck ram that was looking worse for ware. Charles managed to get the Springbuck and he is the first person to shoot an animal at Induna Safaris with a handgun!! What a brilliant shot- well done Charles!
The afternoon was spent stalking Blesbuck but unfortunitly bad weather moved in again!

23 October 2012

Charles and Patti spent the morning at Daniell Cheetah breeding sanctuary.
Charles spent the afternoon again stalking Blesbuck but unfortunitly they managed to get the better of us.

24 October 2012

Went out early this morning in persuit of Blesbuck and a nice ram was spotted in the distance. A great stalk was made, whilst avoiding Impala, for Charles to get his very nice Blesbuck. A great kill shot was made at 200 yards!
The afternoon was spent looking for Black Wildebeest, a nice bull was stalked and a shot was made, unfortunitly the bull was wounded and some serious tracking had to be done. About two and a half hours later and a charge we were able to finally get the bull and what a great trophy he is. Well done Charles!

25 October 2012

The Herf’s spent the day at Addo Elephant park. They had a good day and managed to see alot of various species, Elephant, Buffalo and other plains game. Unfortunitly no cats, next time!

26 October 2012

The day was spent lazing around the lodge and packing for the homeward bound journey.