Jack and Martina from Hong Kong decided to try some Plains Game African Hunting whilst traveling through Southern Africa!

Jack and Martina enquired with us at Induna Safaris to see if it would be possible to try their hands at a first time Plains Game African Hunting Safari and we obliged. This would be a first time for them and we also had a very tight window, only one afternoon and one morning. Also taking into account that they had never fired a rifle before!

Once they were met at the airport we headed back to the lodge for something quick to eat and then straight onto the range, they were surprisingly very calm and there shooting was very good. We headed out to see what we could find; we saw numerous animals and decided to put a stalk in on a Blesbuck that was laying down about a kilometre away from us, once we got into about 80 meters of the animal we had to stay behind some cover as he was facing in our direction. After about an hour the Blesbuck turned his head to look in the other direction and this was our opportunity to get on the shooting sticks. When the Blesbuck turned his head back towards us he spotted us and stood up, giving Jack a great opportunity to shoot. Jack made an excellent shot and the Blesbuck probably ran 20 meters and expired! Excellent shooting by Jack, well done on your first Plains Game African Hunting experience!

On the way back to the skinning shed we spotted a very nice Kudu bull feeding and decided to put a stalk in, we managed to get to about 50 meters but Jack was suffering from a slight cold and unfortunately had to cough and that was the end of the Kudu stalk!

The next morning we put in a couple of stalks on Kudu but unfortunately could not make the plan quite come together but we came very close on a couple of occasions! Whilst driving around we spotted a bachelor group of Impala and decided it was Martina’s turn to try her hand at Hunting. We made a great stalk and Martina made an excellent 100 Meter shot to get her Impala Ram. He only also ran about 20 Meters before expiring! An excellent stalk and some excellent shooting by Martina. Well done!

This would be all the time we had as they had a flight to catch but it was great meeting and guiding you on your first Plains Game African Hunting Safari and somehow I don’t think this will be your last!

Till we meet again, take care.


We had a wonderful experience with Induna Safaris! Thanks to Kelvin, Denise and Alton. We hunted an Impala and a Blesbuck in 1 day, and no missed shots as beginners!! The food here is great and they have 2 lovely kids! and a lovely dog! Just want to say thank you very much to our hosts! And best wishes to the future hunters at Induna Safaris!

Ziyang Guo & Martina Yu, Hong Kong