4th October 2014

We are thrilled to have our old friend Steve Johnston back for another Plains Game Hunt with his son in law and his father. So we are very excited about the family hunt.

5th October 2014

No hunting was to take place today so we decided to visit the local Cheetah breeding sanctuary in the morning. After this we headed on to Addo Elephant Park where we had lunch and spent the afternoon game viewing. We saw lots of Elephant, Cape Buffalo and varies other Plains Game.

6th October 2014

First day of Plains Game Hunting and we went out looking for Kudu. After walking through the bush for a few hours and not seeing any shooters we decided to head on back to the vehicle as it was getting hot. On the way back we spotted a group of four bulls and decided to put a stalk in, we managed to get within a hundred meters and Dr Neeley made a perfect one shot kill to get his kudu! This was Dr Neeley’s first hunt and kill ever, what a way to start your new found passion.

In the afternoon we went for Springbuck and after a brilliant stalk and shot, Kayle managed to bag himself a very nice White Springbuck. Kayle and his son, Dr Neeley are now planning on getting the Springbuck grand slam, which is all four colour variants, the Common, White, Black and Copper. Good luck guys.

7th October 2014

Went out this morning looking for Zebra and found a heard. We put a stalk in but during the stalk we spotted a nice Common Springvbuck ram so decided to harvest the Springbuck ram. Dr Neeley made an excellent shot on the Springbuck whilst on the move!! Well done Dr Neeley. Would never say he is first time hunter, shooting like a pro. One Springbuck in the bag three to go.

The afternoon was spent sitting at a waterhole, waiting to see what would come in. It was very enjoyable, as there were a number of different species seen, but nothing to our high quality standard of trophies, so we packed up and headed home. But then we went out again for an hour to see if we could shoot a porcupine, and ended up having too much fun chasing the Spring hares.

8th October 2014

No luck in the Veldt today. We went for a night drive and the Neeley’s managed to get a Porcupine.

9th October 2014

Today a Black Springbuck was taken by Dr Steven after a brilliant shot and in the afternoon a Zebra was hunted by Kayle. Well done guys, a good day of Plains Game Hunting was had by all.

10th October 2014

The morning was spent hunting but not with a rifle but with two Cheetah! After stalking for a couple of hours the cats managed to catch a Springbuck Ram. What an experience, Plains Game Hunting with Cheetah. See picture!

The afternoon was spent stalking Copper Springbuck but unfortunately luck was not on our side and the Copper Springbuck managed to elude us.


Thanks to Steve for introducing the Neeley’s to Induna Safaris, we had such a wonderful time hunting together, and many good laughs. Hopefully we will be seeing them again in the future for another hunt, but no doubt we will stay in touch.


Awesome! What a great place for a Son, Father and Father in law to spend a week together. You couldn’t have been more spot on. A huge thanks for your hospitality and gracious patients with our hunting skills.