Steve and Matt have joined us for a father and son Plains Game Management Hunt, for Matt’s graduation. This has become a Johnston tradition so Matt is the last of the Johnston boys to come and Hunt at Induna Safaris.

12 July 2015.

This morning we headed out early to join the Cheetahs on a hunt which was a great success, the boys managed to get a Duiker in less than 20 minutes. So we then fed some of the hyenas, and some cheetahs. Since we were finished so early we ended up going to see the cheetahs at Daniell Cheetah breeding project, which was a great day all round.

13 July 2015

Today the hunting begins, Matt did very well on his first hunt ever. The morning started with a good Impala. Matt took an excellent shot, and he did very well getting a nice Impala, they put in a very good stalk. Later that day Matt shot a warthog.

14 July 2015

This was another busy day hunting. Matt managed to shoot two Impala’s and a great Blue Wildebeest. Again some excellent hunting, stalking and shooting by Matt.

15 July 2015

We needed to dart and move some game, so Steve and Matt were quite happy to join us in darting and moving some Nyalas bulls, everyone had a great day.

16 July 2015

Matt keeping up with previous standards had another full day of hunting, he shot three warthogs, one Impala, and a Blue Wildebeest, so after today he became known as “Matt the smooking gun!”

17 July 2015

Matt had a quiet day compared to his usual adventures, he shot a Black Springbuck that had worked its way into a Copper Springbuck herd.

18 July 2015

Matt went to PE today to play in a chess tournament, where he did very well. Tomorrow we are off to Plettenberg Bay and then to Mossel Bay to do some cage diving with Great Whites.

19 – 21 July 2015

We left for Plettenberg Bay, took a slow drive down, and arrived around lunch time, had a quick bite and then played a quick round of golf at Gooose Valley Golf Estate, where we stayed in our apartment.

The next day we drove onto Mossel Bay where we did some amazing cage diving with Great White Sharks, we were very lucky, 12 sharks came in, one was around 3.9m, quite a hair raising experience but it was worth braving the cold weather and water. Everyone was quite tired from the adrenalin rush, so we had a early dinner, watched a movie and went to bed.

The next day we drove back home, in the rain.

22 July 2015

This was the last day hunting for Matt and Steve before they fly home to the US. It rained most of the morning, but we were able to go out late afternoon, we came across a large group of Impala’s, Matt put in a stalk and made a one shot kill, for his last Plains Game Management Hunt.

The time went so quickly again, but we had a wonderful time with Steve again as always, and it was great to meet Matt and spend some time with him, and he was hunting like a pro, even though this was his first hunting trip. Hunting comes naturally to the Johnston family, who have become our “American Family”.