European Hunters Hunt Plains Game in Africa

We were very fortunate to accommodate three European Hunters for their Plains Game Hunt in Africa! These three guys really have a passion for Hunting and have been fortunate enough to have been able to Hunt all over the world. Great stories were told in the evenings of past Hunts.
The European Hunters arrived on the 29th April and left on the 6th May. During this time some great Trophies were taken and some great stalks were to be had by everyone. Some animals were dropped on the spot and some required some serious tracking by the trackers. All in all 14 Trophies and 1 non Trophy was taken, the non Trophy was an Impala ewe for the skin and the Trophy animals taken, consisted of 3 Nyala, 2 Waterbuck, 2 Kudu, 1 Cape Springbuck, 3 Impala, 2 Zebra and 1 Red Lechwe.

These European Hunters really know how to Hunt Plains Game in Africa! And I’m sure it won’t be there last trip!

Well done guys and we hope to see you soon.



Thank you so much for this great week of holidays/ Hunting at yours. Loved it! Hopefully one day we can do Kudu vs shoes to bring a bit of Paris fashion to the Eastern Cape. Was a pleasure to Hunt with you – a true passionate Hunter.


First time in Africa, first mounted trophies,  first time to see so much wildlife in one place. Great experience, will come back, and hope you make it to Kazakhstan!
Thanks again!


Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the great stalking with you, what a wonderful trip! Hope to come back soon!