The Estes Family from Arizona are on an Eastern Cape Hunting Safari with Induna Safaris, and will be Bow Hunting.

The Estes family arrived on the 20th November for a 7 day Eastern Cape Hunting Safari and would be spending 4 of the 7 days Hunting. The Estes’s would be Bow Hunting and were willing to use one of our rifles if the going was tough, well that was not to be the case on this safari! The Estes’s managed to take 16 animals in total in the 4 days of Hunting, and only 2 were taken with the use of a rifle. The 2 taken with the rifle were Impala Rams, 1 Trophy Ram which Shelly took and what a great Trophy Ram he is, and 1 deformed horned Ram that Davey took after a great stalk, neither of these Rams would come into the blinds. All the 14 animals were taken with great shots made by the Estes’s with their Bows. Scott also managed to take a great Trophy Nyala Bull with his bow, we saw numerous Nyala Bulls coming into the blind but we had spotted this bull in the distance and had to wait 3 days for him to come in. What a great Trophy!

A day was also spent at Addo Elephant National Park, a variety of animals were spotted, including Elephant, Buffalo and Kudu to mention a few.

It was truly great hosting the Estes family and I’m sure we will be seeing them again in the near future.


Thank you for an amazing experience for our first time in South Africa! We enjoyed hunting, playing, laughing, and everything here. The food was fantastic and we have been so pleased with the staff and especially Denise and Kelvin. We will always remember our time here and hope to come back again. What amazing memories we have made! Thank you

The Estes Family