Dennie and Sherrie from West Virginia embark on a African Hunting Safari in South Africa!

01 April 2015

Induna Safaris welcomes Dennie and Sherrie Huggins from West Virginia on an African Hunting Safari. This is not there firts time to South Africa but its their first time doing a Hunting Safari with us. After a few long and tedious flights they were happy to be on their way to the lodge. After arrival, settling in, some lunch and quick orientation, they headed out to glass for some animals and get a feel for the terrain. Both Denny and Sherrie are avid photographers and they managed to take a lot of good shots with the camera.

02 April 2015

Today the Hunting began. After a good nights sleep, and an early breakfast they headed out to start their hunting safari. The morning was spent glassing around, and they came across large groups of Kudu bulls, and numerous other species, but nothing shootable, Kelvin felt they should keep looking as it was only the first day, and he knew that there would be better ones out there.

After lunch back at the lodge, and some relaxing on the porch. They were ready to hit  the bush again. They came across a Warthog, that Sherrie took a shot at, and definitely hit well, but unfortunately managed to get away and duck down into one of it’s holes, so after a lot of seraching and tracking, it was deceided that it had got the better of them.

03 April 2015.

Up early for breakfast, and out in the bush timeously. They came across a magnificent Kudu Bull that following an excellent stalk, and managing to get in very close, 50 yards, he took a very good shot, was able to bag this monster kudu bull. Well done Dennie, it is definitely one of the best looking Kudu’s shot at Induna. Truly a majestic beauty, you can be very proud!

Following a packed lunch, they were out in the bush again. Scouting for some Waterbuck, a couple were spotted and again numerous other species, but Kelvin knew that there are better specimen out there that he had seen, and he didn’t want Dennie to settle so they continued looking until dark.

04 April 2015

Dennie and Kelvin went to look for a Waterbuck again this morning, and came back with a beautiful Waterbuck trophy. They found a Waterbuck, and they stalked it for a little way, and when they got to it, it had disappeared into the thick bush. So they then drove over a few valleys and came accross another Waterbuck bull sunning itself on a hillside, and they put a stalk in and when they were about 70 yards away, they set up the sticks, and waited for the bull to get up. Dennie then made another excellent, perfect placed one shot kill. He managed to bag another magnificent trophy. Well done Dennie!

05 April 2015

Raining today, but managed to get out in the afternoon to look for a Nyala bull for Sherrie but the going was tough. We managed to find one feeding in a open grass patch, we put a stalk in but he got our wind and disappeared into the brush.

06 April 2015

Left the Lodge early in the morning to pursue the Nyala, saw lots of bulls in the morning but only managed to put a stalk in in the afternoon and got to within 55 yards for Sherrie to finally get her Nyala. The day worked out well, with a nice bit of walking, and Sherrie will be taking home an incredible Nyala bull.

07 April 2015

The day was spent at Addo Elephant Park. Lots of animals were spotted including Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Kudu, Warthog and other plains game. A very nice day was had by all!

08 April 2015.

Today the Huggins departed for home. We would like to thank them for joining Induna Safaris for their African Hunting Safari in South Africa and hope to see them in the near future.


Luxury service, luxury surroundings, superior trophies and best of all a first class family. This is a hunter’s paradise. A thousand times better than our first safari. The true class way to go!