12 September 2014

We were so happy to have Hayley and Dave back for another Plains Game Bow Hunting Safari. On arrival it turns out Dave’s bow case stayed behind in Australia, but luckily we managed to get it sent through the following day, Which unfortunately put a delay on the hunting. But Denise and Halyey had a good catch up in the meantime.

13 September 2014

Hayley and Denise shot through to PE to get the bow case, that arrived at midday. Got back to the lodge and this gave Dave enough time to get it set up and have a look around.

14 September 2014

Denise and Hayley spent the day at Addo and had a great time, seeing so many elephants, and a large variety of other specimens.
Dave and I did some walk and stalk hunting with the bow on a number of animals today, but lady luck was not in our favour, and they all managed to escape Dave’s bow.

15 September 2014

Denise and Hayley went to Jeffreys Bay for a seaside lunch, and some shopping. While enjoying their lunch at the beach, they were lucky enough to do some awesome whale watching, as a beautiful whale had given birth in the bay, and she and her calf were hanging around in the waves.
Kelvin and Dave did some repairs to a make shift blind made of spekboom (see picture) in an area frequently visited by Zebra. Whilst sitting in the blind a group of at least 20 Zebras came in and Dave made a 25 meter shot with his bow to claim his first animal of the trip. Well done Dave!!!!

16 September 2014

Today Denise and Hayley did some hunting of their own with some superb hunters! They did the cheetah walk, and it was an amazing experience, as the brother cheetahs took down a huge Cape Springbuck ram.

Kelvin and Dave put in a three hour stalk to get Dave’s long awaited Waterbuck bull, which is a real monster of over 30 inches! Excellent bow hunting Dave! Dave is going to bed a happy man.

17 September 2014

Busy day for Denise and Hayley again. It was an early start and they headed out to Addo to do an elephant back safari which was fabulous. They saw giraffe, zebra, impala, Blesbuck and other game from high up on the elephants back. From there they went straight to a luxury spa in Addo, for a day of pampering and spoiling. Which was the perfect end to a really fun filled, exciting touring holiday. We are so looking forward to seeing Dave and Hayley again for their next hunting holiday.

Kelvin and Dave had a very successful day. In the morning they went out looking for a Duiker, and a beautiful Bushbuck ram stepped out in front of them, and Dave took a excellent shot!! A very unexpected and rare trophy! Well done Dave on some brilliant hunting. Later they headed out to get Dave a Gemsbuck. They went to an area where the Gemsbuck hang out and found a group, and we put a stalk in and we could not get closer than 250m, which Dave took in his stride, and took an outstanding shot, on the Gemsbuck Bull, which dropped him immediately and then he took another shot at 270m ending the hunt. Dave had a very successful day of Plains Game Hunting, and again showed his excellent marksman skills.

We would like to thanks Dave and Hayley again for joining Induna Safaris for their Plains Game Bow Hunting Safai in Africa. Look forward to seeing you next year!


Once again Kelvin and I had a wonderful time. I do enjoy his company on hunts. It’s even better when I get bigger game than whats on his trophy wall. Looking forward to getting back here, and a big thanks to Dee for looking after us.

David Edwards