We are thrilled to welcome Robert and Robin Jackson from Florida, they have joined us at Induna Safaris for their Dangerous & Plains Game African Hunting Safari! Robert is here to do an exciting,Cape Buffalo Hunt, and some plains game Hunting.

Robert and Robin arrived late on sunday night after many hours of travelling, we were sure that they would just crash, but  within minutes, we were chatting and laughing as if we had known each other ages, staying up until after 1am!

After a bit of a lie in this morning, they headed out to site in their rifles and have a drive around to get a feel for the terrain and lay of the land.

Tomorrow the fun begins! So far we are already having a fantastic time!

Will keep you posted on how the hunts go!

13 May

Robert and Robin headed out today to see if they could get a Nyala bull and a White Springbuck. They came across some Nyala bulls, but it just didn’t work out, and the bulls were not quite up to standard. After a relaxing bush lunch they headed out again. Seven nyala bulls were spotted, but there was one in particular that stood out, and he had Roberts name on! They put a stalk on him, and Robert made about a 120 yard shot, and managed to bag himself an truly outstanding Nyala bull. We are thrilled with Roberts first day, and he has started his African safari with a great start! He honestly could not have hoped for a better Nyala specimen. Well done Robert.

14 May

Woke up to a rainy foggy morning. So after a slow leisurely pancake breakfast we headed out to look for a White Springbuck. We drove around and spotted some rams and decided on one specifc ram that we decided to take, we put in a stalk and then the Springbuck ran off, chasing another ram out of his terrority, and they both ended up running towards us. Robert made an excellent, one shot kill. Another great hunt from Robert. These chaps from Florida know what they doing when it comes to hunting.Tomorrow we headed out for the big buffalo, so there is much excitement at the lodge tonight!

15/16 May

Took a drive out in the morning to Buffalo country. We arrived at about lunch time, had something to eat, and then went out to scout the area and see if we would see any Buffalo. After driving around for about 2 hours we came across some buffalo, saw a couple of really nice looking bulls that were shooter. But no shots were presented.

The next morning we set out again in search of the bulls from the previous evening. We found them and decided to put a stalk in, in some thick bush, and on the way we came across another group. With a beautiful, but intimidating bull, and decided to take him. Robert took a 35 yard frontal shot, the bullet hit its mark, the buffalo spun a 180, ran 15 yards into some thick bush, and we heard the all reassuring bellow! And that was that, Robert got an unbelievable Cape Buffalo, with one shot. We were truly very proud, and thoroughly enjoyed this hunt with Robert! What a lifetime memory for the Jacksons!

17 May

After all the excitement from the previous day’s hunting of the buffalo, everyone had a really good night sleep. We had a slow breakfast, and then made our way out to get a Black Wildebeest. We scouted around and found one that we had spotted previously a few days back. He was separate from the herd. We put a good stalk in and got to 120 yards from the Black Wildebeest, he was lying down, so we waited for him to stand up, and then Robert took another excellent shot, that took him down. Yet another magnificient trophy!

18 May

Today we intended to get a Copper Springbuck so that Robert could complete his grand slam. We found a group with a number of ewes and young bulls, we couldn’t see any decent rams. Then a little later we saw a bachelor group with two good shooters, we then positioned ourselves to get the best shot on the best ram. Robert made ANOTHER one shot kill at 210 yards, where he bagged another fantastic trophy.

19 May

We did head out to go and look for a Waterbuck, despite the rain. But unfortunately we were unsuccessful, the animals all seemed to be well hidden in the cover from the rain.

20 May

Last day of hunting. When we woke up, it was still wet, and we were a little worrried that we would have repeat of yesterday. Anyway we made our way out again to find a Waterbuck. Brilliantly for us, the weather changed, and by two o’clock, the sun was out. We spotted a group of waterbuck, but they were too far to take a shot, so we just waited for them to move, they then moved into thicker cover. We then put a stalk on them, we got to within 70 yards of the group, and Robert made a one shot kill, keeping to his excellent track record. Roberts Dangerous & Plains Game African Hunting Safari could not have ended on a better note.

21 May

We were very sad today to say good bye to Robert and Robin, we spent so many nights chatting and laughing, they have truly become very dear and life long friends. What a brilliant couple, and we really hope that they will return to visit again. Keep well and take care!



Words cannot even begin to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for giving us a lifetime experience. We will cherish in our hearts forever.

Denise – Your daily welcoming smile topped with your gift of preparing delicious cuisine only brought smiles to our hearts and ofcourse tummy’s. For sure you are a 10+ star hostess and a 10+ star mom and wife.

Kelvin – This is our 2nd trip to South Africa, however; our first time spent with you. (Induna Safaris) Your knowledge of the veldt and game makes you a master – mentor to all Professional Hunters. Always “spot on” the exact location – position to always successfully take out our requested game. And of course. the animal had to always be Trophy best. A personal thank you for allowing me to tag along with hubby and encouraging him to the end that he would be successful with taking out his target.

We will sincerely miss the days filled with the adventure of the hunt. The evenings filled with fellowship of constant laughter. But most of all … a lifetime friendship.

Bobby + Robin Jackson