We are so glad that the Purkey family from Colorado are Hunting Plains Game in South Africa with us at Induna Safaris.

09 June 2015

Jay, Jason and Brenda Purkey arrived this morning from Colorado, after settling in at the lodge they went out to site in the rifles and to get a feel for the terrain before their Hunting Safari for Plains Game in South Africa begins.

10 June 2015.

First morning hunting and they went to have a look for what was about, and came across a nice Kudu bull, who was standing in the bush sunning himself. Jason snuck down, and after putting in a good stalk, he made an excellent shot at 240 yards, managing to bag a beautiful Kudu Bull, you couldn’t ask for anything better for your first African animal to be a great Kudu bull!

The next day they went out to get Jay’s White Springbuck, and he got an exceptionally good specimen. After driving for a while, they saw a really good looking White Springbuck, but he bedded down shortly after they got to him, so they had to wait for him to get up, and Jay took a brilliant shot at 221 yards- and got himself a really magnificent trophy White Springbuck.

Not too bad for the first day of hunting! Everyone went back to the lodge feeling a little tired, but very happy with their first day.

11 June 2015

Today was the day for Impalas!

After stalking one Impala ram for hours, he managed to get away, and then while walking back to the vehicle they came across another group of Impala, and then put in a stalk on the biggest ram, and Brenda took a really good shot at 130 yards, taking home a great Impala trophy. Well done Brenda on your first African trophy.

Then it was Jays turn on the Impala. They were at a waterhole, watching and waiting, and then some nice Impala rams appeared along with some Kudus and some warthogs, and Jay decided to take one of the Impala rams, he took an outstanding shot, making a one shot kill on an exceptional Impala trophy.

12 June 2015

After searching the whole morning they found a group of 7 bulls, and they went over a hill to get closer and to get a better look. Jason put in a stalk on the nicest Bull and he managed to take a good shot at distance of 127 yards, dropping the Blue Wildebeest on the spot, on the side of the hill. Another great trophy by Jason.

After lunch they went out to look for another Blue Wildebeest for Jay, but after much looking and stalking they managed to get away.

13 June 2015

Early this morning they spotted a beautiful Steenbuck and Brenda was able to take home an amazing Steenbuck Trophy. The Steenbuck was standing out there sunning itself, so Kelvin and Brenda put in a stalk and Brenda took a great shot, getting herself a really amazing Steenbuck Trophy.

Much later that day Jay, just before dark, got a fantastic Zebra Trophy. They were standing on a hill at about 400 yards, and they had to wait for about two hours, and then Kelvin and Jay put in a stalk towards them, and got within about 140 yards of them, this was at last light. Jay managed to take another fantastic shot, getting a beautiful Zebra Trophy. So at the end of the day they headed home with a Steenbuck and a Zebra Trophy on the back of the truck.

14 June 2015

Today all the animals managed to give them a slip. But they still had a great day, stalking a number of animals and doing some great walks, seeing a large variety of species.

15 June 2015

Today was the day for Jay’s Waterbuck trophy, which was an exceptional trophy bull. While driving around looking for some bulls, and seeing a number of good shooters, they came across this monster of a Waterbuck bull. The bull was on the hill so they headed around to get in behind him, then Kelvin and Jay began stalking him. He came out into an opening, but he would not turn broadside, so Jay took a great frontal shot, downing the Waterbuck bull on the spot.

16 June 2015

Another great day in the field was had by all. After driving to one of our drier concessions this morning, Jay managed to get a great Black Springbuck to add to his Springbuck grand slam. Well done Jay!

The afternoon was spent looking for a Waterbuck bull for Jason, after seeing his fathers from the day before he decided to add one to his list of species. One was found and after some time watching the bull feeding in some thick brush the stalk was put in. Jason made an excellent shot to get his beautiful Waterbuck bull. Well done Jason.

17 June 2015

Today was a slower day, as it was raining alot, so they had a slow start with some pancakes for breakfast, and then they headed out to look for a Blue Wildebeest for a rug for Jason and Brenda. So after coming across a nice female Blue Wildebeest, they stalked her and Jason made another good shot, getting a nice rug.

18 June 2015

Today was a sightseeing day. They all went out to Daniell Cheetah breeding where Jason and Brenda did some cheetah petting, and they all got some good photos. Then they had a lucky day at Addo Elephant Park, where they saw plenty of elephants, nice up close and personal. They saw a large herd of Buffalo, and they were lucky enough to even see three lions! And of course they saw all the usuals, like Kudus, Zebras, watrhogs etc…

19 June 2015

Today the cowboys and cowgirls were not messing around. By lunch time Jason had bagged a trophy Gemsbuck and Brenda got herself a White Springbuck trophy. First thing in the morning they headed out and they spotted several little groups, without any great shooters in them. Then there was a loner ram, they snuck up to him to about 150 yards where Brenda took a great shot getting a beautiful White Springbuck trophy to add to her collection.

They then spotted a nice Gemsbuck trophy, which was quite a distance away, but they put in a stalk and tried to get closer, but twice they were spotted and he got away. Third time lucky, they managed to get within 300 yards, where Jason took an excellent shot again, getting a very impressive Gemsbuck trophy.

The afternoon was spent glassing for warthogs, but they all managed to get away.

Tomorrow is the last of hunting for the Colorado cowboys!

20 June 2015

The trio spent the day doing some cull hunting. An Impala and Blue Wildebeest were taken with some very excellent stalks made and great shot placement made.

21 June 2015

Today the Purkey family start their long flight back to Colorado and we would like to thank them for choosing Induna Safaris for their Plains Game Hunting Safari in South Africa and we hope to  see them back in the near future.


We had an amazing experience from start to finish! The hunting was fantastic and the food was unbelievable! Kelvin and his family were such fun and shared some fun stories. We learned so much while we were here and look forward to coming back some day! Thank you so much. Jay, Jason and Brenda