Bill and Chris from California are on a South Africa Hunting Safari. This is Bill’s second South Africa hunting safari and is Chris’s first Hunting Safari.

2 June 2014

After a long flight from California, Chris and Bill arrived. After settling in, we headed out to sight in the rifles.

3 June 2014

Following breakfast, we went out to the bush to look for some Kudus. We came across a group of bulls, but we were unable to get a good shot, after a stalk. Later the afternoon we headed out looking for kudu again, but came across a monster of a warthog, that could just not be passed up. Chris put in a stalk and took a shot at about 170 yards, the warthog ran off wounded. We tracked it for about a kilometer, where Chris then managed to take a final shot dropping him at about 290 yards. It turned out to be a very exciting first day hunting, and Chris managed to bag a really massive warthog!

4 June 2014

Again we came across a group of Kudu bulls, with a nice shooter in the group. And again the grey ghost managed to elude us, he ended up disappearing behind some brush, and we were unable to get a good shot on him. While we were out there looking for some more kudu, we saw a group of Red Hartebeest, with a really impressive bull amongst them. He was in his prime. Bill managed to put in an excellent stalk, we hid from bush to bush, getting to within a 100 yards for Bill to get his Red Hartebeest. Another great days Hunting for the guys from California!

5 June 2014

A little earlier start this morning, to try and get the ever elusive bushbuck. However, luck was on Bill’s side today. We saw three Bushbuck today! Came across a Bushbuck ram, we managed to stalk in to about 180 yards only to discover that it was missing one tip! So off we went scouting elsewhere, came across another Bushbuck and put in another stalk, got to within about 100 yards, then Bill took a brilliant shot, dropping the Bushbuck immediately. What a lucky day!

After lunch, while we were out hunting springbuck, we spotted some Zebra, which we followed.We watched them for about an hour, trying to see what their movements were. We then put a stalk in and got to within 100 yards, where Chris took a shot, the Zebra bolted, and ran. We eventually caught up with it, where Chris made a great second shot, that dropped the Zebra. It is truly a spectactular Zebra, with a really beautiful coat.

Despite the blustering cold wind, we had another great day hunting, that was enjoyed by all.

6 June 2014

This morning we woke up and at last the wind seemed to have died down. While actually out looking for Impala, we ended up stalking a Duiker, where we followed and stalked a Duiker, which managed to elude Bill and Kelvin. So after a Duiker distraction of 2 hours we were focused on the Impala again. We had a good, text book Impala hunt. We put in a fantastic stalk, Chris took an excellent shot which dropped the Impala. Chris is so happy with his Impala, which was not a big priority on his list but he is pleasently surprised by the absolute beauty of his animal.

Thereafter we headed out to look for an Impala for Bill. We spotted an Impala feeding in a valley, Bill took a shot at 70 yards with his bow, it jumped the string, it turned to face us, and then the arrow went through his thigh. We ended up following him for quite away, where we were finally able to get up to him and Bill took a finishing shot, dropping him to the ground. What an exciting and challenging hunt, it took a lot of work, but was very enjoyable and the beautiful trophy was worth the hard work.

7 June 2014

Today the Kudu was on th cards. We saw a Kudu that looked like a good bull. While we were watching them a group of warthogs came out, with two nice looking boars, they passed us within 15 yards. Bill then was able to take a bow shot at 25 yards, we saw the arrow penetrate him, but he was still able to run. After much searching and tracking his blood, this warthog was able to escape. We were sure he managed to escape down a hole, where he must have expired.

We then pursued the Kudu, it went into thick cover, we went in after him, he stepped out of the bushes, where Chris was able to take a clear shot, he ran about 30 yards and expired. Another excellent trophy to go on Chris’s wall.

8 June 2014

We decided to head out for a quick look around before going to Addo Elephant Park later. So early this morning, after scouting for about three hours we came across a really old, fantastic Waterbuck bull. We put in a stalk, and Bill made a perfect 100 yards shot, he ran towards us, and then dropped after a couple of metres. The photos will show what a magnificient specimen of Waterbuck, Bill managed to get.

We then rushed off to Addo for a great afternoon of game viewing where we had lunch, and Chris and Bill got some excellent photos.

9 June 2014

Today was Gemsbuck day. We headed out to a different area, with a different terrain. An excellent Gemsbuck bull was hunted today after Chris took a 160 yard shot. He ran a couple of yards before he expired. This Gemsbuck is a true representative of Gemsbuck Trophies- outstanding. Sadly only one more day of hunting left, so lets see what tomorrow brings.

10 June 2014

Last day of hunting! We went after a Springbuck that we had seen a few days ago. Took about an hour to relocate him. The Springbuck was bedded when found, and we approach him, by doing a 200 yard crawl, and then we waited for about an hour and a half for him to get up. As soon as he stood up Bill took an excellent shot, he went straight down! A long wait, but an excellent shot and a beautiful trophy!

Sadly the Hollywood hunters are finished, and heading back to the lights tomorrow! We definitely hope that you will be returning. There is a Blue Wildebeest with Chris’s name on. Thank you for a wonderful hunt, and a wonderful time. Stay in touch.



Kelvin and Denise, we had more than a spectacular time here at the lodge. The hunting far exceeded our expectations and the food and company were amazing. We won’t forget the good times we had any time soon. This was an epic Hunting safari.