Tony and Patti from the Yukon in Canada are Hunting in the Eastern Cape with Induna Safaris.

30 June 2016

Tony and Patti arrived from the Yukon for a hunting safari with us at Induna Safaris. Following a very long couple of days of travelling, we had afternoon tea and scones on the porch, followed by sighting in the rifles and a look around the property

01 July 2016

Headed out early to see if we could get an Impala ram, we saw many Impala, Warthog, Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Duiker, Blesbok and Waterbuck. We passed up many opportunities because Kelvin felt that we had not seen the right ram yet. However at the end of the day, we shot an Impala ewe that had a badly broken front leg.

02 July 2016

Was a challenging day hunting, we found a very good Impala ram, after a long stalk we were successful in harvesting him. The shot was taken about 163m, where Tony made an excellent one shot kill.

03 July 2016

We went in pursuit of a Nyala, or bushbuck or a Black Wildebeest. We came across 10 Nyala bulls, many Kudu, Duiker, Steenbuck, Common, Black, Copper and White Springbuck, also many Warthog yet again. Towards the end of the day, we found a very old Black Wildebeest, a successfully executed stalk, led to Tony taking yet another brilliant shot at 124m. What a great shot again Tony.

04 July 2016

We went out looking for Blesbuck again today, one was spotted that we decided to go after. But he managed to get away, so after lunch we went out again looking for the Blesbuck. We managed to spot the same Blesbuck ram in the same vicinity, and after a brilliant stalk, Tony was able to harvest the Blesbuck at 163m, dropping him on the spot. Well done Tony. What a pleasure hunting with a man who is such an avid outdoorsman, and has a real passion for hunting and wild animals.

5th July 2016

We left the lodge early and headed out to look for a Nyala and a Bushbuck. From a vantage point, perched on a mountain we spotted a bushbuck ram and successfully harvested this ram at 178 m, we had to climb the mountain across the valley to retrieve him.

Then we had some difficulty picking the correct Nyala, as there were bulls everywhere, and eventually we settled on one bull from a group of 8 bulls. Once shot the bull went over a cliff and ended up in a river. Alton our tracker was able to wade in and pull the Nyala bull upstream to where we had access with the truck.

Excellent day with excellent trophies harvested.

6th July 2016

The day was spent measuring and processing the Nyala and Bushbuck for a full mount, and the rest of day was spent relaxing at the lodge.

7th July 2016

Another early morning, to look for a Vaal Reedbuck, we drove for about two hours, to a mountainous ranch. The Vaal Reedbuck were very skittish, however a carefully executed stalk up the mountain resulted in the harvesting of a beautiful trophy Vaal Reedbuck ram.

Another exciting and adventurous day, a hunt I will not easily forget.

8th July 2016

Today we were focusing on a Mountain Reedbuck. The mountain that we hunted revealed 20 Mountain Reedbuck. A mature ram was spotted about 196 m away, revealing only his ears, neck and horns as he was bedded down. This mature ram was harvested once he stood up, another magnificent animal.

Tomorrow is the last day of Hunting in the Eastern Cape, where we will be looking for Klipspringer.

9th July 2016

What another great day of Hunting in the Eastern Cape! Tony managed to get his last animal on his wish list a Klipspringer. Some serious rock climbing was required to get the Klipspringer right on top of a mountain. We managed to stalk to within 30 meters of the Klipspringer and Tony made yet another great shot.

We really enjoyed hosting Tony and Patti and I sincerely hope that we will meet again in the near future. Tony is an outstanding hunter, and it clear from his knowledge about the outdoors and animal species, and of course from hunting with Tony that he has a real passion for nature. It was a fantastic hunting safari, hunting with Tony, thank you.


On a scale of 1 – 10 my overall experience at Induna Safaris was a 15. A relaxing atmosphere, excellent meals, excellent accommodation, abundant wildlife and fair chase hunting combined with great hospitality, made this a trip of a lifetime.
Tony and Patti