Rocky arrived at our lodge after some very long flights and travel time. We had a nice cup of coffee and scones before heading out to sight in the rifles. Rocky used our rifles for the hunt. Whilst at the range we saw numerous game, but it was getting dark so we headed back to the lodge, for dinner and for a good nights sleep.

We went out for Impala, we ended up sitting on a hill watching a bachelor herd of Impala for about 7 hours.
The weather was great, and it was a clear day. We thoroughly enjoyed being out in the bush watching the animals in their own enviroment. But we then decided to head back to the lodge for lunch, as we were unable to get a good stalk on the Rams. On our way back we saw a group of females, and had a hunch that there was bound to be a ram amongst them. We then put in a good stalk on them and as we guessed there was a beautiful ram amongst them. We got to within 80 yards of the Ram. Rocky took a brilliant shot, and was spot on with his bullet placement. This was Rocky’s first African animal, and it was a really great Impala Ram, in his prime. Well done Rocky!

We managed to put in a good stalk on three Nyala bulls, and got within 130 yards of them. The bull we agreed was the one to be taken was bedded down, and after an hour of waiting for him, he unfortunately got our wind, and then all three of them took off. Later that afternoon we put in another stalk on two Nyala bulls, we got within 70 yards of them, and then decided that we would leave them and look for a better bull tomorrow. Although we ended up going home empty handed we still had a great day out in the bush, enjoying the animals and being outdoors. Long debates began about which of Rocky’s caps was indeed the “lucky” cap.

An excellent Cape Springbuck was shot, whilst we sat glassing a hill and enjoying lunch. Again Rocky took a magnificient shot, with just perfect placement. The Springbuck ram was a real monster, and we were thrilled with the unplanned hunt.
While on yet another Nyala stalk we came across two kudu bulls about 60 yards away from where the Nyala was last seen, and they were grazing in our direction. And as luck would have it, one of the Kudu’s was a fantastic specimen (we won’t mention which cap was being worn at the time) and Rocky put yet another brilliant shot on him. The kudu dropped within a 100 yards of where he was shot. Another great day hunting with Rocky, and another excellent shot!

After a slow start to the day, we eventually put a stalk on two Nyalas bulls. But after we got into range a Duiker spotted us and took off in the direction of the Nyalas, and took them with him. They stopped about 250 yards from us, but decided to let it pass, as it was getting late. These Nayalas were really giving us a run for our money!

Woke up to the very disturbing sound of rain, waited for it to clear which it did at about 07h30. We then headed out after the elusive Nyala bulls. We came accross three bulls and was able to put a stalk on them, to within 250 yards. Believe it or not there was another hiccup yet again, there were just too many kudus around to get into a good position to take a shot. After 4 hours of waiting we decided to retreat, and then come back in, in another direction. We managed to get another stalk on them, and finally Rocky was able to take a shot and get himself a wonderful Nyala bull. Again a great shot was taken, and the bull was worth the wait.

Unbelievably woke up to the sound of hard rain, again! We never get rain this time of year, we are convinced Rocky brought this from Canada, and he is hoping to start charging for it! We headed out anyway to look for a Bushbuck. The rain stopped at intervals during the day, which gave us windows of time to get out. We spotted two Bushbuck rams, one was young and the other a good mature ram. We put a stalk on the trophy ram, but he managed to give us the slip. We carried on looking for him, but had no joy so decided to change our tactics and went to look for a White Springbuck.
Rocky got himself a massive White Springbuck, with ivory tips, a really beautiful trophy with yet again an excellent shot.

The seven days we spent with Rocky, were just fantastic. We had a very enjoyable hunt, and Rocky is an avid outdoorsman and thoroughly enjoys being out in nature, which made the hunt very enjoyable for me. He is an excellent hunter, clearly with alot of experience. We had great chats and laughs at dinner. I feel we have made yet another friend.

Thank you for hunting with us Rocky, we really hope to see you again soon.