20 August 2012

We are so happy to have Charles and Mike here bow hunting from Arizona, accompanied by Steve Johnston and his son Brandon. Everyone arrived yesterday, and they got settled in before going out to shoot a few bows.

This morning Kelvin and Charles went to spend the morning in a hide, near some water and on arrival to the hide they came across a nice looking Waterbuck. Steve, Mike and Brandon spent the morning in another hide on the far side of the property. Both groups saw a few animals coming in during the morning but nothing was shot. After lunch, they headed back out. Mike, Steve and Brandon, saw some great kudu bulls that were just not quite what they were looking for, so no shots were fired from that hide today. But still a good day was had by all.

Charles and Kelvin had a little better luck in the afternoon. When they got to the blind, there was a kudu about 15 yards from the hide, and another one quite a bit further away, but both bulls moved away. After awhile the one Kudu bull returned with a few cows, but they were not quite sure that this was the better of the two bulls that they had seen, so they decided to wait. After awhile believe it or not the other bull returned, and they got really excited, trying to decide which was the better of the two bulls. And then a warthog came trotting along out of nowhere and spooked both bulls away. Needless to say their hearts sank into their shoes. After a further 30 minutes or so, both bulls returned again!!! This time Charles drew the bow ready to take the shot on the older of the kudu, but then the kudu put his head down, so he had to hold the bow, until the kudu moved, which he luckily did, and Charles took a beautiful shot. The bull ran about 100 yards, before he expired. Wow what an exciting day! Well done Charlie on your beautiful Kudu bull. And congratulations to Charlie for being the first bow hunter to shoot a kudu at Induna Safaris!!

21 August 2012

A good day was had, but nothing went home with them. Arrows did fly, but unfortunately no targets were hit. Lady luck was not on the side of the “Arizona Bowhunters” today. At least everyone had a good day, and quite a few nice animals were seen.

22 August 2012

Again the guys came home empty handed, but still they seemed to enjoy being out there.

23 August 2012

This morning started off with Mike and Charles sitting in one of the hides. Nothing too exciting came in. But after lunch, their luck turned nicely. Charles spent the day stalking and walking around looking for a good Impala. They came across a small group of Impalas with a really good ram in it. They managed to stalk him, and believe it or not, the ram came into about 18 yards of Charles, he pulled back his bow, and was ready to shoot, but then the ram turned around, and he couldn’t get a good shot, and with the fading light, he decided not to take a chance. The Impala’s were spooked off by a group of Blue Wildebeest.

Mike had a great day, and he shot a great Kudu. Amazingly this huge Kudu bull came in to the oranges, and he was all alone and completely oblivious to their presence. Mike was able to get ready, and he took a brilliant shot on the Kudu Bull, and he is truly a beauty. He ran off about 100 yards and then expired. It just goes to show, “Good things come to those that wait.” Well done Mike we are so happy for you, and we are so glad that you got such a great specimen with your bow.

Its great that Induna Safaris’ two “Arizona bow’s” have both managed to get themselves good trophy Kudu bulls each.

24 August 2012

Another quiet day at Induna Safaris. Quite a few animals were seen, and even a stalk or two were put in, but mother nature got the better of the “Arizona Bowhunters”.

25 August 2012

A few stalks were put in but no kills were made.

26 August 2012

Today was a busy and eventful day. Steve, Brandon and Kelvin spent the day at Daniell Cheetah Breeding and then at Addo National Park, were they saw two big Lions.

Charles spent the day walking and stalking going after the Impala’s that seem to be giving him a run around, and they are making him work extremely hard to get them! Unfortunately they kept getting away, and when they did manage to get up to a group, the ram turned out to be too small.

Mike had a great day! He spent the day sitting in a blind waiting for a Warthog or Nyala to come in. While having lunch, this monster of a warthog came in, and Mike had to quickly put down his lunch, and with record speed, he drew his bow and shot the “hog”. This warthog has been nicknamed “Hogzilla”, due to his size. Mike first saw this warthog on Tuesday and has not been able to get it out of his head. The challenge was on, so well done Mike on another great animal, and for getting the better of Hogzilla, he truly is a magnificient trophy!

27 August 2012

Bows were drawn again but nothing fell! A good day was had by all.

28 August 2012

Everybody had a successful day today. Charles put in a stalk on a nice Impala ram, but unfortunately he got away, so they continued going up the hill to look for some more Impala’s and he came across two Blesbuck rams. Charles put in a good stalk, and managed to take an exceptional shot at 238 yards, and the Blesbuck pretty much dropped in his tracks.Well done Charles, that was a brilliant shot, on a beautiful trophy Blesbuck. It was meant to be, and the Impala now get a chance to see another day – but only for one more day, as Charles is going to get his long awaited Impala tomorrow.

Brandon went out to look for some Impala, and he put in a stalk on a good trophy ram, that he managed to take with great ease. Nice one Brandon, great trophy in the bag! Clearly the hunting “gene” was passed onto Brandon from his dad, Steve!

Mike spent the morning chasing Blue Wildebeest, and unfortunately the Blue Wildebeest had too many scouts helping them today, and they kept getting away. Then in the afternoon Mike went out for the Nyala, he managed to put in two good stalks and got very close to a Nyala bull, but a Kudu alerted the Nyala. It was then time to go to the blind to wait for the Bushpigs to come in, and all of a sudden guess who came along? So Mike managed to shoot this awesome Nyala bull with his bow at about 13 yards, and he just buckled, it was an excellent shot. The Nyala ran for about 40 yards before dropping. What exitement, after all that stalking and waiting for these Nyala bulls, finally Mike got the better of them. Well done Mike!

29 August 2012

Charles managed to get a very nice Impala in the morning after a nice long stalk.

Mike spent the morning stalking Blue Wildebeest but had no joy so decided in the afternoon to take a rifle and go hunt a Gemsbuck as it is one of the trophy’s he really wanted to leave Africa with no matter how he got it. He managed to get a nice Gemsbuck bull.

In the evening Kelvin and Steve went to the bushpig hide to wait for darkness to see if they could get a pig. In toll 11 different pigs came in but they kept getting there sent and no pig was shot.

A great Safari was had by all and we really enjoyed having the group here at Induna Safaris and I’m sure we will be seeing them all again some day!!