02 June

Induna Safaris is very excited about the arrival of the Johnston family, and the Tieman family from Arizona. Steve has returned for another visit, we are always glad to have a good friend visit. But this time his wife Becky, his daughter Amber and his son Adam will be joining us for a holiday. Gary Tieman hunted here in 2009 with us, and he actually broke the Induna Safaris record of shooting the most animals, in one hunt, by one hunter! We are very glad to have Gary..aka…the big G returns to come and hunt with us, and he has brought his wife Janet along for a great holiday.

03 June

We headed out early this morning to site in our rifles, despite the gale force winds and icy temperatures. The rest of the morning was spent scouting about and getting a feel for the terrain. Following lunch back at the lodge, Adam, Gary and Kelvin headed out again to see what was out and about.

We came across a Blesbuck, which was an animal on Gary’s list. It was a lone ram with some Impalas, in a valley. The Blesbuck got our wind, and he ran up the other side of the valley. Big G took a very long shot of about 500 yards, and hit him in the leg, he ran off, bedded down and we put another stalk on him, and then managed to drop him.
A great start to the week!

04 June

Becky and Amber arrived to day after a few delays in flights.

Gary, Adam, and Kelvin went out this morning to look for a nice Gemsbuck bull, Janet decided to spend the day out hunting with the boys. We put in a stalk on a Gemsbuck, and after a few shots Gary bagged himself a very nice Gemsbuck trophy. After a packed lunch they went out to look for a Copper Springbuck, to complete Gary’s Springbuck grand slam. We came across a bachelor herd that had a really nice ram. We put in a stalk, and managed to get within 250m where Gary took a shot and ended up going home with great Copper Springbuck trophy. Another good day hunting for the big G!

05 June

Adam shot his first African animal today, a really nice Impala ram. Well done Adam. Gary shot a Red Hartebeest but unfortunatetly he wounded it and the light faded, so we had to call it a day and continue tomorrow morning.

06 June

Went out to look for the wounded Red Hartebeest from the previous day. We came across him in the area we left him in, the evening before. After numerous stalks we managed to eventually down the Red Hartebeest. What a nice trophy Gary has got to add to his collection. Went out looking for a trophy for Adam to harvest, we came across a Duiker that took Gary’s fancy so he took another great shot at 115 meters to get his trophy.

07 – 09 June

Well the Arizona team, headed up the Garden Route for some sightseeing. We all had a great weekend, filled with some fun activities. On the way we stopped at the Daniell Cheetah Park and had some fun playing with the big cats. Next monkeyland, before heading to the resort. The following day, Janet, Kelvin, Adam,Steve and Amber, braved the cold water, and did some amazing cage diving with Great White Sharks! They had an adrenaline filled morning while being surrounded and bashed by 10 Great White Sharks! On Sunday we all stopped off for some shopping in Kynsna, and then went to the snake park, where we had a very interesting tour, and Adam was quite at home with slithery creatures, Gary not so much!

10 June

The girls had a great day and evening spent at Schotis Safaris, where they witnessed some strange behaviour among the Rhino’s – where they seemed to be having a real domestic battle going on. A little later, we all managed to get really close to a group of lions, which was just spectacular!

Adam managed to get  himself a real monster of a Warthog! We went out looking for a kudu, and came aross this Warthog, that just could not be passed up. We stalked the boar, and managed to get within 130m, where Adam took a brilliant shot and dropped this huge pig in his tracks.

Thereafter we went to get Adam a White Springbuck. Adam took another good shot and took home a fantastic White Springbuck ram! Nice one Adam!

We then headed out to get a Zebra for Gary, which he managed to get fairly easily. He is taking home a really impressive Zebra, that will make a beautiful mount.

11 June

The ladies were out very early this morning. The went on a very exciting walk, where they accompanied two Cheetahs on a hunt. Lucky for the ladies the Cheetahs were on the ball, and they managed to take down a Duiker within half an hour of the walk starting. It was very interesting and enjoyed by all.

Today Gary went out to get an Eland. Gary took a 200m shot on a huge Eland bull, he shot it and it got up and ran, and Gary managed to quickly take another shot which dropped the Eland within 10m! Excellent shooting – another great trophy!

12 June

Adam had a very lucky day today, while watching some Kudu’s, a Bushbuck ram came out of the bushes only about 30m away, he was able to take a shot, and managed to get a beautiful Bushbuck trophy to take home.

Gary then went out to get a Black Wildebeest, he managed to take a brilliant shot at about 150m, that dropped the Black Wildebeest in his tracks, much to Janet’s delight! A great day hunting by all.

Well sadly this is the last day. We have thoroughly enjoyed this hunt and holiday with this wonderful group of people, who have truly become very dear friends. We sincerely hope to see them all again and to stay in touch. Induna safaris thanks them for coming to hunt with us. We wish them safe travels home.