After Hunting with us in 2014, Aaron has returned for another Plains Game Trophy Hunt.


7 May 2016

After arriving at the Lodge we decided to head straight out to the shooting range to sight in the rifle. On this safari Aaron would be using one of our 30.06 and not many adjustments were required and it was set in for Aaron.
After the range we headed out to see what was moving, not much was seen due to the cold and wet weather.

8 May 2016

As Aaron would only be hunting for two days due to other commitments there wasn’t much time for relaxing. We headed out early in search of a Waterbuck bull, several were seen and we decided on one that we thought needed a closer look. We managed to stalk in to within 100 yards and once Aaron was set up on the sticks he made an excellent shot to secure a magnificent Waterbuck bull, coming in at just over 29” with extremely thick horns.
Once the Waterbuck was skinned out we headed out again in search of Warthogs. Whilst glassing we came across a lone Nyala bull which Aaron decided he would like to take, due to the position of the bull in the thick shrub we go to within 50 yards of the Nyala and Aaron made yet another excellent quartering towards us shot to get another magnificent Plains Game Trophy.

9 May 2016

Today would be Aarons last day of hunting and a Common Springbuck and Impala were on the cards. We spent the morning looking for a Warthog boar, although many were seen nothing was big enough. We headed to the flats for lunch, whilst having lunch we spotted a Springbuck ram bedded down and decided to make a move after lunch. We got into position in front of the ram as it was feeding towards us but the wind was not in our favour and due to the cover we had to lay down out of sight, when the ram stopped due to our sent Aaron made yet another great shot to get this beautiful Common Springbuck.
On the way back to the camp, a very nice Impala Ram was spotted and another stalk was on. Aaron made yet another excellent frontal shot to get himself another great Trophy on his Plains Game Trophy Hunt.

10 May 2016

Aaron would be leaving us today be the decision was made to get out for a couple of hours before he departed to see if any Warthog boars could be seen. A very nice boar was bumped and the only sighting we had of him was whilst he was running away through some thick cover.

Thank you for joining us again for another Plains Game Trophy Hunt and we hope to see you in the future.

Another fantastic trip at Induna Safaris! Once again the experience exceeded my expectations. The hospitality, food and hunting were first class! Thanks Kelvin, especially for leaving some pudding for me!