10 February 2012 – Richard and Carrie arrived in the early afternoon on Friday after driving down from Storms River Mouth. This is their second time in South Africa, and Richard wanted to incorporate a quick hunt into his touring holiday. After a lunch and some coffee on the porch, Richard was taken out to set in the rifle, and have a drive around to see what animals we could see.

11 February 2012 – With an early start we headed out to look for an Impala. We spotted a few rams down in a valley and decided on one, and Richard managed to bring home a really nice Impala ram after a great stalk. In the afternoon we went out to look for a Bushbuck. Whilst in the veldt we spotted a good Duiker trophy which could not be passed up. So Richard started his first day on a high note, with two excellent trophy animals in the bag.

12 February 2012 – Decided to go out even earlier to make an early start on the Bushbuck. Carrie decided to join us boys on the hunt today. The Bushbuck lived to see another day, and escaped Richards bullet again. But we spotted an outrageously large Steenbuck, which also managed to get away – much to everyone’s disappointment. But then another Steenbuck is spotted – not as good as the first – but it was decided that a Steenbuck in the hand is better than two in the bush! So another good day’s hunting comes to the end.

13 February 2012- One of the most exciting days hunting yet. It started again with the lookout for the Bushbuck. But instead we stumbled upon a group of Kudu bulls. One was an exceptional kudu so we decided to leave the Bushbuck and concentrate on the Kudu bull. The Kudu bull stalk started at about 10:30 and we eventually got the Bull at 17:30. It was a great day of hunting and one that we will never forget. What a hunting story this day turned out to be, it was very exciting, and we worked hard for this kudu, but he is such a majestic animal, it’s the way it should be.

14 February 2012 – The Aherns are departing today to visit Natal and then continuing onto Botswana. We would like to thank them for hunting with us. It truly was a memorable few days of hunting, and it was most enjoyable. Richard shows real passion for the sport of hunting, and he is clearly a experienced marksman. Hunting with someone like this is truly a privilege.

We hope to see Richard and Carrie again soon, as we feel we have made new friends, and so enjoyed their company.