Aaron Toresen from New Zealand has joined Induna Safaris for his first South African Hunting Safari. Aaron was in South Africa for a conference and decided to combine his trip with a South African Hunting Safari.

23 May 2014

After Aaron’s arrival we went to site in rifles in the afternoon.

24 May 2014

We headed out to look for the majestic Kudu bull, which is number one on Aarons list. What a lucky morning he had. We came across two kudu bulls that were with seven cows. We put in a stalk to get within 220 yards, where Aaron managed to put in a good shot and take down this excellent Kudu bull. The bull ran 60 yards and then dropped. Excellent first day of hunting, and number one is in the bag!

Later in the afternoon we went to look for some Impala. We found a lone ram in a valley, and put a stalk in and Aaron made another good shot, it was a quartering towards us shot, that dropped the Impala immediately. Brilliant day of hunting, Aaron earned his dinner through some excellent shooting!

25 May 2014

Zebra was on the cards for today, Aaron saw some Zebra skins in Johannesburg during his business trip, and decided to add a Zebra to his trophy list. He took a 160 yard shot, and got himself a beautiful looking Zebra.

After lunch they are planning to get a Blue Wildebeest trophy. Well, that venture was another success. We found a group of bachelor bulls we put a stalk on to get closer look. Noticed that there was an exceptional bull amongst them. Aaron managed to take yet another good shot at 170 yards- another one shot kill. This truly is a magnificient Blue Wildebeest bull that Aaron can be very proud of.

26 May 2014

Aaron’s last day of hunting, and its a Gemsbuck day. Set out early after breakfast. We came across a group of seven bulls, where we were able to get within 80 yards, after stalking for over a kilometer. The bulls were lying down, we watched them for a tense 45 minutes waiting for them to get up. Aaron then managed to take a quartering away shot. The Gemsbuck ran off for a couple of kilometres and then lay down. We stalked him again and came out to within 10 yards. The Gemsbuck ended up in a river bed where it expired.

Another great hunt! Aaron has been such a pleasure to have around, and excellent hunter and outdoorsman, and a friendly bubbly guest to have around the lodge. Looking forward to seeing Aaron again next year, for another hunting, and family holiday!


I came to Induna with no idea of what to expect. I am leaving with amazing memories, new friendship, and a plan to return! Kelvin and Denise are the ultimate hosts and have gone to great lengths to make my stay comftable and fun. My trophies are superb and Kelvin worked hard to find the very best. I cannot speak highly enough of these wonderful people and this magic place. If you are considering coming to Induna, stop waiting; you will not find a better hunting experience in South Africa, book your trip as you won’t regret it. To Kelvin and Denise (and the family) I will miss you and can’t wait to come back. Thank you so much.