3rd October 2012

Tom’s first morning started off with a late breakfast, due to his late arrival the night before. After breakfast, and all the big hello’s, Tom went out to sight in his rifles. Tom has come out for a cull hunt, and to add a couple of trophies to his already large collection.
The first animal that Tom, got was an Impala, after a nice stalk he managed to take an excellent shot, and as always did some extraordinary hunting.
By the end of day one he had managed to bag three cull Impalas- what a good start!

4th October 2012

Another great day was had, Tom managed to get a Blue Wildebeest, and two more Impalas, of which one had a crooked horn. But Tom has decided to take this one back and have it mounted. The weather has really played the game, and we have had a great time being out in the bush again.

5th October 2012

No animals were bagged today, but we glassed some nice Waterbuck this morning and this afternoon we had a fantastic stalk on a Waterbuck bull, he managed to get the better of us!

6th October 212

Whilst out looking for a Waterbuck bull this morning a bushpig was spotted on a far hill and Tom decided to take it. A great stalk and shot was made to get this pig!
The afternoon was spent stalking Waerbuck but had no joy!

7th October 2012

Went out looking for a Waterbuck bull for Tom to add to his trophies and a nice bull was spotted, so the stalk was on! Tom made a great shot from 70yds to get his Waterbuck bull, and what a great trophy to add to his collection.
The afternoon was spent stalking cull animals and another Blue Wildebbeest and Impala were taken.

8th October 2012

This morning started off wet but we still managed to get out and do some hunting! We put in a couple of stalks this morning and Tom managed to make another great shot on an Impala.
The afternoon was also dedicated to Impala and Tom managed to get yet another Impala with yet another great shot placement.

9th October 2012

The day was spent at the taxidermist as the weather was to bad to hunt.

10th October – 15th October

The following five days was spent in Zambia, Tiger fishing. The camp was on the Zambezi river and we were based in the capprivi strip. Tom managed to catch a few Tiger fish as did the rest of us. The biggest fish caught was a 7.5 kg Tiger. Whilst fishing we saw alot of hippos and crocs in the river. We also made a visit to the Victoria falls. A great trip was had by all.

Thanks you for hunting again with Induna Safaris Tom and we hope to see you again!