We are thrilled to have Tom Henley back for a hunt again, this is his 4th consecutive Hunting trip in South Africa.

01 October 2011 – Its great to have Tom for his fourth year, he is joining us for a cull hunt, and the odd trophy. He started off on a good note by shooting a female Impala this morning. We then went out this afternoon, and Tom managed to shoot a gold medal Impala ram. Three hunters have attempted to shoot this particular ram and no one has succeeded. Good on Tom for getting the ram. What a fantastic start to this trip, we are enjoying having our old friend back with us!

02 October 2011 – We headed out early, but had no success in the morning, and came home early for lunch, due to rain. The rain did not let up, so we stayed indoors and did some reloading.

03 October 2011 – The weather was still a little wet and cold, but we went out anyway. Tom came across an old Kudu bull, with one broken horn that he ended up culling.

04 October 2011 – The weather cleared up somewhat, and we went out this morning, and had a good stalk on a Red Hartebeest, but just before taking the shot we decided to try get into a better position and he smelt us and was off- you win some you lose some! But we made up for that this afternoon- Tom shot an outstanding Blue Wildebeest, after putting on a good stalk for a large part of the afternoon. Tom out did himself yet again, with an excellent shot. Well done Tom.

05 October 2011- Started the day going out looking for a trophy animal, and we came across a very nice Red Hartebeest, that Tom shot at 190 yards, and he was brought down with one shot at that distance! It was an outstanding shot! In the afternoon we went for a cull hunt, and Tom shot an Impala ewe.

06 October 2011 – We went out looking for Warthogs, and we found a group, but there was not a large boar, so Tom said that he is not going to take a shot but we had a friend with us for the day, and he took a shot but missed. A big boar was spotted a little later in the distance, but unfortunately the light got the better of us.

07 October 2011 – Again we went out this morning loking for a large boar, but had no luck. By midday the day had gotten pretty warm so we stayed in and did some more reloading. We then went out for a steak dinner in Kirkwood.

08 October 2011 – We went out fishing today at Darlington dam, and managed to catch some cat fish. We caught ourselves 6 good catfish. We had a very enjoyable day out at the dam.